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Lifestyle Learning

The CEO of Collective Shift, Connie Yowell, the company formed to launch, wants to transform learning into a lifestyle.


Being active, fit, and an athlete is a lifestyle. Many of the “lifestyle sports” are included within the grant proposals of spring 2016. Swimming, water polo, golf, kayaking and ultimate are certainly lifestyle sports. These activities have a lot going on, plenty of “mojo,” much to emulate.

As we work together to make learning a lifestyle, let’s work within the lifestyle sports and insure that learning is included there, in obvious ways, so that plenty of others can join, follow-along, and embrace this lifestyle of learning. To create lifelong learning, use recreation.

Giving young people better tools in their preparation for life get universal agreement here. A robust suite of additional enrichment activities and experiences for better preparing youngsters is needed and welcomed.

Sadly, too many of the opportunities provided for inter-city kids are frail. Often, the institutional hurdles are high and frequent. Our swim team can’t have practices on Saturdays and Sundays. Go figure. The older kids can’t be fooled. Perpetual defeat is a buzz kill.

Let’s support the drive and desire for being dedicated, determined and disciplined. Athletes have those passions, especially when they’re improving, having fun and a sense of fairness comes within their competitive landscapes. Our kids should feel the support and then they rise to meet the challenges. We can compete with anyone, anywhere. We can help you become the best you can be and that means that some will be the best in the world. For everyone on the team in the community, that makes life exciting. That’s the fun lifestyle that trains minds and bodies.

High school kids who come to understand and trust the vision of Creating Literate Olympians Here can make it so. The mind leads and the body follows. They go together. The mind never leaves the body. The learning never stops. unifies mind and body and prevents the divorce between the two.


Learning, teaching and playing is for the young and not-so-young. The target market for is 13 to 24. Why stop at 24? The system of digital badges at champions lifelong learning for those who want to life a long life. Play unifies the young and not-so-young and prevents the divorce among the age groups. It is important to engage the kids, and everyone else.

Plenty of opportunities are within these plans that speak directly to the circle of life. In Pittsburgh, our co-ed masters water polo team generally beats the best high school boys team. It was an epic moral victory and lots of fun watching the high school boys tie the masters squad at the 2016 CMU tournament.

Masters squad at summer practice in Mt. Washington’s Citiparks Ream Pool, with a mix of ages. efforts make spaces and interesting challenges so that the seasoned 50-year-olds get to buck up with the youngsters in their prime in underwater hockey, speed golf, aquatic SKWIM, ultimate frisbee, pull-ups, goal-setting, sport-first-aid, computer animation and app development. Learning lifetime-and-lifestyle lessons goes beyond age 24. Health and wellness is not a guarantee for many in communities where violence, drug use and poverty are pervasive.

Good game, good game, good game. Rinse and repeat.
Good game, good game, good game. Rinse and repeat.

Some XPs, playlists, pathways and badges within are tagged #Lifelong_LRNG_Lifestyle when suited for inter-generational settings.

The Introduction’s “home base” can’t be confused with “home plate” nor “base camp.”


Our baseball friends have a different concept of being “home.” In baseball, one must summon sizable amounts of courage to step-up-to-the-plate at home. Getting to home as a base runner signals a long-trip around the diamond’s three other bases. Regardless of the illustration and baseball’s vocabulary, makes loud calls for great teams of people to step out of their comfort zones, to be present elsewhere, to be prepared by thinking ahead and to reflect, log and digitize their insights along their ways. Rinse and repeat.


Inside plans for

A grant application is due in a week and some changes to the proposal that was sent to The Sprout Fund are expected. These are not a serious change of direction, but they are enhancements and further expansion for the sake of scale and impact.

A letter of support from Milestone Pod has been requested and promised. The Milestone Pod, made by Milestone Sports, is an electronic pedometer used in 2015 with our students at Swim & Water Polo. It presents a fun bridge between technology and running. Running is a solo sport. But, with the Milestone Pod, the running is more connected to others. Plus, the data from the pod and the handling of the Bluetooth technology and its accelerometer is tech-rich.

The HQ Orientation slated for Quarter One is getting a boost with a letter of support from Kevin DeForrest, author of the book, The Treasure Within. The book was published years ago by the Sports Support Syndicate and is to be made into an ebook and an app (perhaps a HTML5 presentation). The Treasure Within XP can be a fine experience for athletes teach about being present.

The Tech Captains Digital Badge was the only outcome for the proposal delivered to The Sprout Fund. Additional digital badges can be proposed in the next documentation. For example, those that earn the Tech Captains in fall, winter and spring within the same school year get a different designation, the Literate Olympians Digital Badges. Also expected are outdoor recreation digital badges, aquatic athlete digital badges and technology level digital badges. The Varsity Athletes Digital Badges can be earned by those who log 100 or more practice and competitions with five or more teammates in a season.

Community voice experiences with the open mic are getting expanded to include participation at other events such as Lawrenceville’s Art All Night, PodCamp Pittsburgh, EDU Camp, Word Camp slated for September 2016, Steel City Codefest, Venture Fest in May at Point State Park and The Moth. Day of coding and other special events are able to be put into that experience as desired by participants and program leaders.

Additional clarification as to what is not in the mix needs to be detailed somewhere. Motor sports, skiing, solo rock climbing are hard to embrace with the theme of playing well with others. All the XPs at are to include at least two, and hopefully three, of the main traits: Play, Technology and Development.

Some type of experience for chess, especially community chess and tournament chess, is welcomed.

More discussion and details need to occur with the unlocking of additional opportunities as some experiences are completed and others then become presented.

We hope that Pair Networks, see, is going to be pulled into our network. can be a big helper as a technology partner. I’d love to have the Pair Networks help with eCommerce and long-term sustainability. Getting virtual server space for limited months or reduced rates can be an unlocked opportunity for those that get to the brilliant and genius stages. Pair Networks also has some tutorials that can be embraced and re-positioned as XPs.

Human Kinetics, the worlds largest publisher of titles about physical activity, is considering a proposal.

Instructor trainers need additional mentions. There are plenty of instructor trainers in the network, but they can be better highlighted in the proposal.

Question: What did you do as a kid?
Answer: “Our life centered around playing ball.”

Our life centered around playing ball.

We played basketball. … We played football. We played softball. And, I’ll tell you something. This is interesting. In those days, and I think it was a good thing, kids played it (sports) without adult supervision. So we made up our own games. And we worked things things out ourselves. I learned a lot about democracy from the school yards…. It was a great experience.

This is less of a candidate endorsement but rather it is a resounding endorsement of the developmental stages when kid’s learn about playing well with others.