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Proposed digital badges for technology that utilize LiveCode


It might take a year to do the associated tasks with each of these proposed digital badges. They progress, of course, from easy to more difficult.

The focus goes beyond the technology and the computer programming. This aim is to also blend in sports and personal development.

Each stage has other skills beyond LiveCode in the mix as well. Editing wiki pages, using teleconference tools and making changes to networked concept maps are part of the process.

IHMC, makers and managers of C-Maps, the concept mapping software

Concept map about concept maps
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Cmaps is the title of a suite of software tools that can be used on many platforms that creates concept maps. The Cmaps program, with open source flavors, is operated by IHMC of Florida.

The IHMC Story

A professor who pioneered and championed concept mapping is Joseph D. Novak, formerly from Cornell. He shifted the work with concept maps to IHMC.


A letter of support for from IHMC has arrived.