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Quiz Pre-flight for SKWIM Level 1 to Level 4

Test your knowledge, and the delivery of these questions and answers concerning aquatic’s safety and surf knowledge by taking these four multiple choice quizzes for a whirl. They are new and may need to be edited. Your suggestions and feedback is desired.

Every question has an opportunity to comment. You do need to register with a username and password. You need to take the tests in order.

Level 1 Quiz for SKWIM’s surf safety:

Level 2 Quiz for SKWIM’s surf safety:

Level 3 Quiz for SKWIM’s surf safety:

Level 4 Quiz for SKWIM’s surf safety:

Recap: Special SKWIM event at the Oliver Bath House and post-game open house was a blast

Our event and visit to the historic, Citiparks’ Oliver Bath House on South Side was a big success.

Citiparks Lifeguards and VIPs from The Pittsburgh Project and Mel from PPS / State Rep Gainey’s office, along with hosts, Coach Mark of Pittsburgh Obama and Kevin, SKWIM’s inventor from Washington.

Extended Game Video

OPTIONAL Swim & Water Polo Activities: Downtown Parade

These events are optional and extra and are NOT a part of the normal Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Summer Dreamers events. Families are invited to participate in the following community events on your own. No transportation is provided by PPS. Questions should be sent to Coach Mark Rauterkus, 412-298-3432, (cell) or

Downtown Parade for Pittsburgh’s Bicentennial down Liberty Avenue, Saturday, July 9, 2016. Arrive after 10 am. Parade begins at 11 am. After the parade, play aquatic games at Northside, Citiparks’ Sue Murray Swim Pool, Cedar Avenue, across from the Giant Eagle / Sunoco gas station.

Tip: Our parade position and meet-up is going to be at Liberty Ave and 11th Street. We will meet behind a school bus that is to be decorated for PPS and the Pittsburgh Promise.

Tip 2: Park your car, if you drive, near CAPA or else on the Northside by the swim pool. then walk to Liberty Avenue and 11th, near the Strip District.

Swim pool
Northside’s Sue Murray Swim Pool has plenty of space for various aquatic games in deep, middle and shallow water.

Swimmers from Summer Dreamers with Athletes United for Clean Air are going to march with Pittsburgh Public Schools and the Pittsburgh Promise to celebrate the city’s history. 

Update: Due to parade protocol, the message for the parade is about Pittsburgh Public Schools and Summer Dreamers — and not about, “Go USA! Go Leah!”

Olympic schedule insights:

Cheer for Leah Smith and Katie Ledecki as they race together in Rio on:

  • Sunday, August 7th – women’s 400m freestyle prelims/final
  • Wednesday, August 10th – women’s 800m freestyle relay prelims/final
  • Thursday, August 11th – women’s 800m freestyle prelims
  • Friday, August 12th – women’s 800m freestyle finals
  • Prelims begin at 10 am EASTERN time while Semis & Finals begin at 7 pm EASTERN.

More Swimming, Water Polo and SKWIM opportunities in Pittsburgh this summer:

  • Tuesdays, 6 to 7:30 pm, Citiparks Ammon Rec Pool, Bedford & Memory Lane, Hill District
  • Wednesdays, 6 to 7:30 pm, Citiparks Ammon Rec Pool, Bedford & Memory Lane, Hill District
  • Thursdays, 6 to 7:30 pm, Citiparks Sue Murray Pool, Cedar Ave. Northside

* Additional events always published at the open google calendar at

Program Coordinator – BIG League Sports, sends letter of support for

To: Sprout Fund

Dear Grant Administrators:

As a City of Pittsburgh employee, I have worked as a  Rec. Center Director and a Program Coordinator for the CitiParks BIG League Program for 16 years. During these many years of service, I have come to know Mr. Mark Rauterkus in various roles throughout both my employment and personally in my community.  I have a great deal of respect for his vision and forward thinking and his ability to work tirelessly for the youth of the City of Pittsburgh.

I want to express my sincere hope that you look upon the application of in the most favorable ways and grant the support to these efforts. The city’s youth need more programs and this is an original approach that puts some extra academic push behind the sports, teams, coaches, players and communities we serve. In my professional opinion I believe it is essential moving forward using technology that kids are already very familiar with.

It is wonderful to stand among a number of other great community institutions in this effort. Our recreation centers and our programs with BIG League are sure to welcome the extra attention and participation from high school aged citizens of Pittsburgh.

BIG League offers a number of sports opportunities such as one day competitions, Junior Pirates, baseball, softball, soccer and futsal to name a few. The program services more than 4,000 kids under 18 every year. I can tell you our kids would love to have extra help with technology and other enrichment experiences that this program is going to provide.

Moving forward we expect to start running sports academies at West Penn Recreation Center and expand programming to utilize the fitness rooms we now have at our disposal. One idea is a Pull Your Own Weight competition that I could see this program being a huge part of the experience. Anything extra we can offer to get youth involved in not only individual but group activities gives us an advantage and makes us more appealing to kids that have a hundred other thing to pull their attention away.  We find ourselves in a day and age where technology has taken over our lives. We need to find a way to recognize that usage and make it something that is integrated into our programming. Resources are depleting daily and we are not able to keep up with the simple needs let alone introduce a new and exciting attraction to inner city kids. I believe having this to offer would put us over the edge and really make us stand out in a city where champs are made. Having this will help us make more champs.

I thank you for your time and serious consideration in this matter.

Michelle L. AulProgram Coordinator – BIG League Sports

Acting Center Director – West Penn Recreation Center

Pull Your Own Weight, a pending XP in the pathway to a digital badge.