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LiveCode’s headquarters is in Scotland and its community edition, an open-source software solution, is famous for its ease of use, power and ability to create code that runs on all types of computers and mobile devices.

LiveCode students did well in big exams in Norway

Tore Nilsen, a teacher in Norway, reported news of student performances in coding to the list.

The results from national and local exams in the subject Information Technology in Norwegian Upper Secondary schools are now in. I am happy to say that my students scored well in their exams, with an average of 4.4 out of 6 for all students who had to either sit through the national written exam or the local oral/practical exam assessed by external teacher.

60% of the students scored 5 or better, which puts them at the top of the scale. Compared to last years national results, the overall average would put our school at a fine top 6 spot nationally. With a top 5 spot for the national written exam and a top 6 spot for the oral/practical exam.

These results are unprecedented at our school, and in my opinion, very much a result of our choice to use LiveCode as our programming environment. Due to the nature of LiveCode we have been able to focus on the principles behind good coding, and use both time and resources to become better at problem solving rather than to learn the intricacies of a specialised programming language. As far as I know, we are the only school in Norway to use LiveCode as the preferred tool in this subject.

On behalf of my students, I am very happy with the results, and I very much look forward to teach programming with LiveCode to yet another group of students next year.

Tore also posted, “Luckily we enjoy a fair degree of freedom, as long as we can reach the competence aims in the national curriculum.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Miller, CEO of LiveCode, posted from his iPhone, edited slightly:

This is great news Tore. We have seen similarly good results here in Scotland… LiveCode has become something of a standard in Scotland. It is in the main textbook and exams.

Proposed digital badges for technology that utilize LiveCode


It might take a year to do the associated tasks with each of these proposed digital badges. They progress, of course, from easy to more difficult.

The focus goes beyond the technology and the computer programming. This aim is to also blend in sports and personal development.

Each stage has other skills beyond LiveCode in the mix as well. Editing wiki pages, using teleconference tools and making changes to networked concept maps are part of the process.

LiveCode graphic

Our teacher taught these teachers who are now authoring educational software in LiveCode


Four women
These women are teachers who also code and make educational software with LiveCode. They were taught in a multi-week seminar by Pittsburgh educator and contributor, Claire Bradin Siskin.

The four teachers in the photo from Bangladesh had just giving a report about the LiveCode project that began with the help of a Pittsburgh-based instructor, Claire. Bangladesh. World-wide relationships have been forged and the work continues to proceed online. Rewarding. Thank goodness for teachers everywhere, especially the generous ones in the LiveCode Community.

Part of the letter of support Claire delivered for

support-letter-snip-from_Claire.jpg.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 582016 11124 PM.bmp
Snip from a letter of support.

The app with Bangladesh roots was previewed in May 2016’s conference in Baltimore called TESOL. Stay tuned for its widespread release in the weeks to come.

To learn more on their past work and follow along on their progress, see

Playlist Organizer App and Ebook — Playlist Wizard

This open-source, LiveCode-built, four-quarter playlist wizard app is slated for release in the fall 2016. The cross-platform program is delivered on the Raspberry Pi 3 for participants. Download versions available too.

An ebook application is being prepared to display a playlist of the various XPs within the four quarters in the quest to getting Tech Captain digital badges.

The connected learning happens within each experience and also across the playlists among the quarters. Students get to do activities in quarter one, present; quarter two, play; quarter three, technology and quarter four, development.

Plenty of flexibility exists so that students can pick from a large suite of XPs, charting their own playlists. This four-window gadget, created in LiveCode, helps to organize the students efforts.

Tech_Captain_fall_2016 1
The draft image above of the feature badge for Tech Captains includes a time-stamp, Fall 2016. A version notation may not be in its final implementation. The badge outline is not displayed, so additional design tweaks are expected.