Swimmers doing a med ball routine

March Med Ball Routine

3 sets:
  • 1st set is learning / testing and from 1 to 3 reps.
  • 2nd set is strength, together, # of Reps (repetitions) = 10 for day 1
  • 3rd set is review, reinforcement, speed and race: only 2 reps each exercise

Around head

Around waist

Around one leg

Around other leg

Figure 8 between legs


Dead lifts

Snatch & press (stop in squat, then overhead)

Clean & press (one motion to overhead, split okay)

Good Morning (behind neck, straight back, bend forward)

Double-arm straight overhead, thighs to sky


Overhead press with both arms

Overhead press with one arm

Overhead press with other arm

Bicep curls

Triceps extensions

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