Playlist Organizer App and Ebook — Playlist Wizard

This open-source, LiveCode-built, four-quarter playlist wizard app is slated for release in the fall 2016. The cross-platform program is delivered on the Raspberry Pi 3 for participants. Download versions available too.

An ebook application is being prepared to display a playlist of the various XPs within the four quarters in the quest to getting Tech Captain digital badges.

The connected learning happens within each experience and also across the playlists among the quarters. Students get to do activities in quarter one, present; quarter two, play; quarter three, technology and quarter four, development.

Plenty of flexibility exists so that students can pick from a large suite of XPs, charting their own playlists. This four-window gadget, created in LiveCode, helps to organize the students efforts.

Tech_Captain_fall_2016 1
The draft image above of the feature badge for Tech Captains includes a time-stamp, Fall 2016. A version notation may not be in its final implementation. The badge outline is not displayed, so additional design tweaks are expected.